Maxim V. Sivokon

I design interfaces


About me


My name’s Maxim and I am interface designer.

I make websites, as well as web, desktop and mobile apps. Together with great people, I make useful digital things cool and cool things usable.

My everyday tools: black gel pen, white checked paper, Figma, Adobe Illustrator, VS Code, Mozilla Firefox.

On my spare time I’m learning programming as a way of solving problems and code as a prototyping tool; studying text as a type of user interface and type as complex means of expression; improving my digital illustration and art skills.

Had been living in the Urals since , have been living in Saint-Petersburg since 2015. Doing stuff on computer since 2006, drawing websites and mobile apps at Denga since 2019.

Believe that music is the most universal art form, video games are the richest and the most sophisticated one, and webcomics are the most underrated and unexplored enough.

Love tea, pixelart and foxes.

I hand-coded this website myself with love (and it is showing).

If you want to offer me an interesting project to collaborate or just say “hi”, mail me at  or telegram @maximsivokon.